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Corporate Information

RainbowLink Inc. ( Shiojiri-city Nagano-pref Japan TEL:+81263546437 ) is a Software House, and Online Service Vendor. RainbowLink Inc. made software and has sold/distributed them via the internet since 2009. RainbowLink Inc. has sold online service with its & the others' software/products. RainbowLink Inc. welcomes you!

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company name
RainbowLink Inc. ®
  • company name written in Japanese language: 株式会社レインボーリンク®
Rainbow-Link.com ®
company code
License-No (in Japan)
Available currencies & Payment Gateways
By using credit card, debit card, you can buy RL's software on the "Catalogue of RainbowLink Inc.", the Online Store of RainbowLink Inc., by Algerian Dinar, Argentine Peso, Australian Dollar, Bahrain Dinar, Bolivar Fuerte, Botswana Pula, Brazilian Real, Brunei Dollar, Bulgarian Leva, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, Chinese Yuan, Colombian Peso, Croatian Kuna, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Estonian Kroon, EURO, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Iceland Krona, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Iranian Rial, Israeli Shekel, Jordanian Dinar, Kazakhstani Tenge, Kuwaiti Dinar, Latvian Lat, Lithuanian Litas, Malaysian Ringgit, Mauritian Rupee, Mexican Peso, Moroccan Dirham, Nepalese Rupee, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Omani Rial, Pakistani Rupee, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Peso Uruguayo, Philippine Peso, Polish Zloty, Qatari Rial, Romanian Leu New, Russian Ruble, Saudi Riyal, Serbian dinar, Singapore Dollar, Slovakian Koruna, South-African Rand, South-Korean Won, Sri Lanka Rupee, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Taiwan Dollar, Thai Baht, Trinidad And Tobago Dollar, Tunisian Dinar, UK Pound, United States Dollar, Utd.Arab.Emir.Dirham, YEN(円).
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legal notice
(1) Now, RL has a lot of users all over the world. Since the 2nd business year, RL has more world-users than Japanese-users. Therefore, RL hopes to resolve any difference in claim occured between world-users and RL by talking not a law.
(2) If you and RL can not resolve any difference in claim by talking, you and RL need to use laws. RL assumes this case, RL writes this paragraph. Your relationship with RL under regal documents provided by RL shall be governed by the laws of JAPAN. You and RL agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the pref of Nagano in Japan to resolve any legal matter arising from agreements. The laws of Japan do not have any provision for punitive damages. The laws of Japan were made models of the laws of Germany and the laws of France.
legal documemts
Each of agreements of services is displayed on the service's page at catalogue of RainbowLink Inc.
Data Center
RL owns and manages a data-center in order to provide RL's Software as a Service. ( → SEE about data security ).
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  • NetWork Name of the IP Addresses: RAINBOW-LINK
  • Confirm the presence of RL's NetWork → ( inetnum )
  • Displayed Name: RainbowLink Inc. (株式会社レインボーリンク)
  • In order to record your message, provide your skype-ID to RL → . RL will send RL's response as a E-mail to you.
  • Non-Used Skype-IDs:
    • rainbowlink_inc.
    • rainbow-link_rainbowlink_inc.


corporate information
RainbowLink Inc. has created and sold/distributed software.
  • RainbowLink Inc. has created software since 2005.
  • RainbowLink Inc. bought a domain, "Rainbow-Link.com", in 2008.
  • RainbowLink Inc. has sold "Rainbow-Link", a Software as a Service at RainbowLink Inc.'s Own Data Center since 1st July in 2009.
    • RainbowLink Inc. ( "RL" ) sells online services ( software as a service ) to promote business activities with minimizing a risk. RL's services are driven by software RL developed. And RL provides services on RL's own data center. All of the software as services does not depend on any javascript or cookie. SEE Catalogue of RainbowLink Inc. →.
    • RL sells the software after test-running for 5 months ( longest 3 years ) on the RealEnvironment.
    RL provides RL's services by RL's own data-center in JAPAN. RL's data-center consists of servers, routers, firewalls, back-up-servers, log-servers. RL has been built servers ( platforms ) to provide RL's software as services by Linux for itself. RL's online-software have been developed and made by RL, this means that software RL provides do not depend on any script anybodyelse developed. RL's data-center consists of RL's LAN only. So, RL can remove promptly and completely when you stop to use RL's account, and software RL provides are strong against attacks that assume RL's servers have any security hole. RL's PhoneLine are provided by
  • From 2010 to 2017, RainbowLink Inc. had developed and distributed and sold iOS apps and Android apps, but RL has currently not been developing or distributing or selling smartphone apps.
  • Since 2016, RainbowLink Inc. has developed and distributed "WordPress" plugins. And RL has sold their paid addons.
  • RainbowLink Inc. stop selling its SaaS, "Rainbow-Link", on Oct 31, 2018.
  • Since Dec 9, 2023, RL has sold fediverse service by using software developed by "streams". RL manages streams SNS (Fediverse).
1st July, 2009
3,000,000 yen
TradeMarks & ServiceMarks,商標
  • レインボーリンク®
  • Rainbow-Link ®
  • RainbowLink®
License-No (in Japan)
RL uses the OS of
Origin of Company Name
"RainbowLink Inc." comes from the software name of "Rainbow-Link ®". Several years ago, before the foundation of RL, the OwnerPresident of RL created many little software and tested them. The OwnerPresident of RL planned to create a big sales promotion software by using the little software. When the OwnerPresident of RL gave colors to each little software and arranged them in a straight line, the beautiful rainbow appeared. By having watched the rainbow, the OwnerPresident of RL named the big sales promotion software the "Rainbow-Link". You can see the rainbow at RL's site now.
Owner, President, Founder
Madoka BANZAI ( = 伴在まどか )
madoka BANZAI
( At the office of RainbowLink Inc. in 2011 )
contact the officers and the employees of RL
https://RL.Rainbow-Link.com/contact/the staff's LAST NAME ( Capital letter ).htm
  • You can confirm the existence of the officers and the emplyees of RL by using the URL above. If you type the URL and you see the webpage of "404 File Not Found", the person who has the name is not the officer or the employee of RL. If you are invited to work together by the person who tells you the person is related with RL, please tell RL the fact.( → contact RL ).
  • All staffs of RL work by using the the Rainbow-Link as personal account. So, if you use the personal form of RL's staff, your message is read only by the staff.
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