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Cyber ​​Security

RainbowLink Inc. started with the development of sales management and sales promotion systems. From the very start, RainbowLink Inc. developed software with a focus on security, and as RainbowLink Inc. analyzed the logs of numerous attacks against our data centers, RainbowLink Inc. began to focus on security more clearly.

Online Tools

RainbowLink Inc. has created and sold/distributed software at RainbowLink Inc.'s own servers in RainbowLink Inc.'s own data center since 2009.

Software as a Service

Secure: ✔ No Installation Required ✔ No java Required ✔ No activeX Required ✔ No javascript Required ✔ No technique run on users' machines Required ✔ No Cookie Required



There is a paid or free online tool which can be used on this site, but, some of the applications and the plugins that RainbowLink Inc. created are distributed on other companies' sites.