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Paid Online Tools

Software available online. We will not be interacting with you. We will not contact you for any other than to give you an receipt-email.

Free Online Tools

We started to provide free tools for customers who had used paid tools and paid services to confirm their access logs and so on by themselves.Now, these free tools are used for various visitors.

Free Downloadble Software

Mainly, WordPress Plugin. See the Plugins' Live DEMO Site.

Paid Downloadble Software

Mainly, Add-On of Free WordPress Plugin.

Marketing Support Service

Not only the following services. See the overview of our Marketing Support Service.

Articles about internet marketing

How-to-tip for using tools/software/service we made.

Paid Analysis Service

We combine our software and the others' software and the standards provided by others, and proceed tasks we listed at the "overview of the service" by email-meeting with our customers.

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Online Tools

RainbowLink Inc. has created and sold/distributed software at RainbowLink Inc.'s own servers in RainbowLink Inc.'s own data center since 2009.

Software as a Service

Paid online tools which RainbowLink Inc. made can be used via a web browser with a Step-by-Step-System.

One window : One step

Multi-Language Language
( Displaying )
information text written on Management Tool
( Step-by-Step-System )
English, Japanese

Secure: ✔ No Installation Required ✔ No java Required ✔ No activeX Required ✔ No javascript Required ✔ No technique run on users' machines Required ✔ No Cookie Required



Downloadable Software

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Downloadable Software

There is a paid or free online tool which can be used on this site, but, some of the applications and the plugins that RainbowLink Inc. created are distributed on other companies' sites.


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Would you like to do SEO & SNS marketing for your Japanese site? If so, we can do for you: we analyze your logs, do SEO, and sell your item(s) at SNS ( Twitter ) as follows:

About Description
Analizing&SEO Competitive Analysis
Creating Website in Japanese Language

And if you don't have a site/landing page in Japanese language, we can create a Site/Landing page in Japanese language for you by using WordPress. Read details ( in Japanese ): 『WordPressサイト作成案件のお見積もりにつきまして