I'm sorry that this is not directly related to "All Post Contact Form". This is the story of the stage before connecting to "All Post Contact Form". I saved the "Page" that sets the html of the inquiry input form (here, I will temporarily call it "STEP1") with the "Visual Editor" of the plugin "Classic Editor", and the design of "STEP1" collapsed. What can I do to prevent similar issue in the future?

Yes, please disable the "Visual Editor" on the "STEP1" page. In other words, please change the setting so that only "Text Editor" can be used.

We will guide you through the steps below.

(1) Please check the "Slug" on the "STEP1" page. Here, the "slug" is assumed to be "form_step1".

(2) Copy and paste the following contents to functions.php. Please change "form_step1" to the actual value.

function disable_visual_editor( $wp_rich_edit ) {
global $post;
if ( $post->post_type === 'page' && $post->post_name === 'form_step1') {
return false;
} else {
return $wp_rich_edit;
add_filter( 'user_can_richedit', 'disable_visual_editor' );

With the above, "Visual Editor" is no longer displayed on the "STEP1" page. With this, you won't accidentally save with "Visual Editor" and lose your design.

If you' d like to use the "Visual Editor" again, delete the contents copied at (2) and save functions.php.

( , JST )

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