About the Mail this contact form system sends. Tell me the meaning of this Contact Form System's Auto-Insertion-Notice.

Yes. "Auto-inserted items" existed before v1.5.1 of this plugin. From v1.5.1 onwards, users can choose whether to "automatically insert" or "not automatically insert" the following items:

confirmation_verificationVerified by the Contact Form System.
_wp_http_refererConfirmation Window was displayed.
submitSent via Confirmation Window.
apcf_submitSent from Submission Window.

If you'd like to have the above items automatically inserted after v1.5.1, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please set it on the admin window.

If you are using the "AutoResponder" addon of this plugin, please operate it with the setting of "Do not auto-insert". This is because the above items will be inserted in the email sent to your customer(email-receiver).

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