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I'd like to upgrade "All Post Contact Form". What should I do?

Yes. Please do steps below:

1. Download【Files for customizing】in your server to your local machine, if you customized them.

List of【Files for customizing】

🔲 allpost-contactform.css
🔲 allpost-contactform.js
🔲 allpost-contactform-str_replace.php
🔲 rl-apcf-redirect-conf.php
🔲 language files: following (1) and (2):
(1) rl-apcf-admin.php and rl-apcf-public.php, rl-apcf-admin-ja.php and rl-apcf-public-ja.php, rl-apcf-admin-ar.php and rl-apcf-public-ar.php
(2) allpost-contactform-language.php

2. Update the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress Admin Panel.

3. Upload downloaded【Files for customizing】at 1 to /wp-content/plugins/allpost-contactform in your server.

( 2017/September/23, 09:04:24, JST )