Tools in the Rainbow-Link | Web Based Software

Tools introduced at this page are mini-tools of a Sales & Marketing Automation Software, the "Rainbow-Link".

Sales Management

  • The items that is sold through the ONLINE-CATALOGUE is automatically store the sales informations.

Creating templates

  • Sender information ( for Mail )
  • Sender information ( for Printings )
  • Message templates ( for Mail )


  • The tag-creating-tool of the "Rainbow-Link ®" is automatically displayed on the step-window. But if you would like to write a draft, you can use this.
  • You can use this tag-system in our free tool, the "HTML5 Content Maker of the Rainbow-Link".

WebMail: You can read both mails received via your mail-form-system of your ONLINE CATALOGUE and mails via your RapidMailReader.

  • You can read whole mails ordered by date.

A non-compound interest Calculator ( RepayCalc )

  • You can calculate how much you pay TODAY. And you can create a repayment plan.
  • More information ( → SEE RepayCalc )
  • You can make both a future repayment plan and a past repayment plan. The "RepayPlan" can be used by devices that has large display like iPad, Android-TAB, PC, and Mac. The "RepayPlan" is not available by mobile-phone.

Currency Converter


You can manage your "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link"