Ticket of the Rainbow-Link®

Publish tickets on your site and pages on SNSs and manage them. Copy the tag and paste it on your webpage, you can publish tickets.



You can publish tickets ( or QRcode ) to your site users.

You can create any type ticket as you like.

  • One-Day type ticket
  • Period type ticket
  • Webinar ticket, online meeting ticket
  • real ticket ( Live, lecture, seminar, exchange meeting, discount coupon etc ). You can make your guests confirm whether their ticket are effective (available) or not via a web browser.
  • Countdown-style number of sheets-limited ticket.

Tickets are displayed by many browsers.

You can publish a ticket for many devices.

  • Desktops, Notebooks
  • Tablets
  • SmartPhones

the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" creates a Ticket code automatically.

  • the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" displays "Ticket Code" and "Published Date" and "IP-Address" automatically at a stable place of ticket.
  • about ticket     about ticket

You can change the "Ticket for Mobile" to it's QRcode.

  • You can't publish both "Ticket for Mobile" and "QRcode". You need to choose one.

The list of used tickets is made automatically.

  • You can download the list as a CSV file ( Exsel file) and you can create your ticket-getter-address-book.
  • When you publish "real tickets", ( you make your guests confirm whether their ticket are available or not before the hall ), you can make your guests input thir profile (name, email, address, etc).

You can use the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link"" via the ineternet.

Login and use the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link". The login panel is called the "Rainbow-Link Control Panel".

  • You can login by clicking "RL" written on the page-header of this site.

Choose the date, input the "IP-Address" or "Ticket Cord", push green "go" button, And the result is displayed.

You can make your customers who get tickets confirm whether their ticket are effective (available) or not

The webpage to confirm whether ticket is effective (available) or not ("Confirmation Form") is issued by the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" automatically.

  • Rainbow-Link Control Panel

The URL of the Confirmation Form is issued by the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" automatically. This URL is a disposable type URL.

You can create the QR code of the URL of the Confirmation Form by one clicking.

  • The creation button is displayed in your "Rainbow-Link Control Panel" ( see the screenshot above ), and you click the button. Then, the new window is opened and the QR code is displayed. Take a screenshot of the QR code and use it.

How to set up the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" in your webpage.

You can set up the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" by copying "Ticket Publishing Tag" below and pasting it in your webpage (s) .

  • ▼ Sample of a "Ticket Publishing Tag"
<div class="ticket">
<iframe src="URL of your ticket" class="ticket"></iframe>

You can change the background image of the ticket to your own image.

Why the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link"?

No upper limit to stored quantity.

You can set up the Expriration Date of the ticket.

You can limit the aaccess of the same IP-address.


  • SSL of 2048-bit

Your "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" automatically saves Whole Log ( Access-Log & Login Log ). You can check not only Analysis-Result but also Whole Log.

  • You can see and check all logs that your "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" collects
  • Access Log Type: date and time, ip-address, hostname, browsed page, referer, etc.
  • All of Logs is saved. The logs are displayed per 10.
  • You can display the Analysis of the Access Log by clicking the "Analysis" button. You can set up the period of the analysis.
  • You can Lock Double your account ( = "Two Factor Authentication" ) ▼
  • double lock
  • You can lock your account "login password" that you create and "Double Login Key" that your Rainbow-Link automatically creates per your login. In the case you use "Double Lock", If you login successfully, your "Rainbow-Link" displays the "List of KeyName" ( And the "Search-Bar for seraching a KeyName" ).
  • This "Double Lock" system is created and managed by RL. The "Double Lock Mail" is sent from RL's server.
  • Secure
    • No technique run on users' machines such as java, activeX, javascript Required
    • No Cookie Required
    • SEE Privacy Policy
      • ▼ Simplified Figure about Data Management in RL's Data Center
      • registered  withdrawal
    • RL's PhoneLine are provided by

      • RAT Co.,Ltd.
      • Users who use the "Rainbow-Link" can use any other phone-line provider as they like. In this case, the User's "Rainbow-Link Control Panel" is provided in RL's sites, but the user's homepage is created outside RL's site. Both of User's "Rainbow-Link Control Panel" and the user's homepage are in the RL's Data Center.
    • SEE Terms of using the "Rainbow-Link"
    • The support for users are provided free of charge ( 24 × 7 ).

You can use 6 designs of the Rainbow-Link Control Panel. when your logging in, choose one.

  • See this automatic slideshow  ▼ 

The monthly cost of the Ticket publishing and management software

Check it out on our CATALOGUE

How to get the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link"

(1) Run the "RL-Start-Steps" (3 steps) → (2) Pay 1 month fee → (3) Start to use!

  • By using "RL-Start-Steps", you can set up the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" by only 3 steps via a web browser.
  • If you would like to buy the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link", you need to pay within 1 week. If you do not pay the fee, your order is automatically cancel free of charge.
  • bank transfer PayPal stripe

Use the "RL-Start-Steps"® below to set up your "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link".

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