Bulk Mail Reader, Online MailReader Tool: "RapidMailReader"

You can read 10 mails at the same time in one window like RSS.

You can use the "RapidMailReader" via "AddressBook" "Mail" "Tools" at the "Rainbow-Link Control Panel".

Function of Mailing

Sending Mails Reading Mails

Using the RapidMailReader, and

You can display 10 mails at the same time.

  • RapidMailReader

Add the number that is displayed in the center of the pagination to the right three digits of mail reference number. That is the exact number of the receiving e-mail.

  • Click (tap ) the Reference Number, and you can display the single e-mail.

HTML tags are displayed. They are automatically faded out.

  • Rainbow-Link Control Panel

Attachment files are automatically deleted.

  • This mail reader tells you that some attachment file(s) are deleted. You need to download the deleted files if you would like to download them. Before dowload them your machine, we suggest to check the virus by using the virus total.

You can create a mail filter.

No upper limit stored quantitiy

  • Rainbow-Link Control Panel

You can take mails one clicking.

Click the "Taking" button, and the mails that stored your mail box are taken.

  • Rainbow-Link Control Panel

This Reading Mails function is one of the functions of the "Rainbow-Link" ( Sales & Marketing Automation Software )