Sampling Referral Images Tool of the Rainbow-Link®

You can pick up the referral images from your Apache Access Log or apache-like access log. The result is displayed by ranking.

Analyze your Apache Access Log ( or Apache-like style access log ).

Sampling Referral Images Tool of the Rainbow-Link

This tool has a Bot-Filterling.

You can omit facebookexternalhit, msnbot-media, Googlebot-Image at once by using the botton of "Use Bot Filitering".

How to use


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Set your image-ads on the others' sites before using this Sampling Referral Images Tool!

Set the Ads-Images' names like this: ReferralSiteName.extension

You can use the extensions: jpg, png, gif, jepg, bmp, svg, tiff.

  • For example: AdsCastle.png, AdsFuji.gif, AdsTower.jpg

If you manages blogs, you can track the accesses to the each blog.

Watch the HowTo Video on Our Official Account at YouTube:

How to track

  • (1) By using the "Tracking Image Maker of the Rainbow-Link", create a tracking image like this: "spacer_BlogName.gif". If you'd like to track each article, you need to create one more image like this: "spacer_BlogName_ArticleTitle.gif".
    • - You can select an extension of the tracking image.
      • Transparent image: png
      • White image: gif
  • (2) Upload (1) to your site's server.
  • (3) Set a tracking tag to your each blog : <img src="" alt="space" width="1px" height="1px" border="0">

Use this Sampling Referral Images tool after publishing the image-ads!

The result is displayed by ranking.

You can download the result of sampling referral images as a CSV file by 1 clicking.

If you use our SEO service, "SEO with branding", you can use this CSV file.

How you should use the analyzed result.

You can use the analyzed result in order to grab the effect of your Ads on the others' sites or your own ads-sites.

  • You can compare the result of google analytics and your Apache Access log and your affiate providers' reports.
  • You can grab the result of javascript-off-accesses.

Analyze your Access Log and grab the refferal images.