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 〜 Send (a) mail(s) to you customer(s). 〜 
This E-mailing function is a function of a Sales & Marketing Automation Software, the "Rainbow-Link".
E-mail Marketing

You can send a mail ( sales letter ) to an E-mail addresses which is stored in small-categories of your AddressBook.

The form mail function of your "Rainbow-Link"'s ONLINE-CATALOGUE receives mails automatically and stores E-mails in the AddressBook function of your "Rainbow-Link".

  • a screenshot of Rainbow-Link Control Panel

You can send a mail to the specified person you know his or her E-mail-address.

You can apply a Charset for an E-mail you would like to send one by one.

  • The mail you sent is automatically stored in the "AddressBook > PARTNER > Becoming Partner" ( → SEE AddressBook ).

You can send mails. Muss Email, Bulk Email, Mail Magazines, News Letters

How to write mails

  • To continue seeing the question and answering by "selecting and clicking" or "input the character string" makes the task be completed.
  • You need only to input the message. The contents without massage are automatically suggested.
  • mail magazine
  • The latest 5 events and news feeded by ONLINE-CATALOGUE ( → SEE ONLINE-CATALOGUE ).
  • You can use the template of message feeded by "Tools" ( → SEE "Tools" ).
  • You can create a header and a footer.

The mail format

  • From ( E-mail address )
  • Subject
  • To ( E-mail address )
  • Header ( Optional )
  • Dear ** ( Optional / Automatically / You can choose whether input or not )
  • Message
  • Copyright ( Suggested Automatically / You can delete it )
  • Footer ( Optional )

The mails you sent are automatically stored in "account > LOGs"

You can create a target category by using your AddressBook of "Rainbow-Link" ( Sales & Marketing Automation Software )

  • You can create a new category by "OURSELF" ( = yourselves + anything you like ) of the AddressBook ( → SEE AddressBook ).

This mailing function is one of the functions of the "Rainbow-Link" ( Sales & Marketing Automation Software )

Rainbow-Link's Mail Function

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E-mail Marketing




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