"CallList" used in the "InstantCallCenter".

What a "CallList"?

A "CallList" is consist of 2 elements below.

  • A list of "Phone Numbers"
  • A list of "Names"

If you distribute a "CallList", the "CallList" is displayed on your staff's smart-phone like this:

  • CallList

You need to create a "CallList" in order to distribute your staff.

  • You NEED to create a list of "Phone Numbers".
  • CallList
  • You DON'T need to create a list of "Names".
  • Phone Numbers and Names

Your staff import "CallList"s into their smart-phones in order to call the "Phone Numbers" distributied by you.

  • Your staff call the "Phone Numbers" distributed by you.
  • Your staff can write a comment ( report ) per a Phone Number. The commented List is called a "CheckedList" in the "InstantCallCenter".
  • If you create a list of "Names", your staff can report about a paticular person.

Create a web page in order to distribute your "CallList" to your staff.

Download a sample page ( One of sample pages in a ZIP file ) →

  • The sample file's name is "calllist_distributer.htm"

Create your "CallList" using our Online Tool ( Free of Charge ) →


InstantCallCenter for iPhone →

  • Available on the iTunes App Store of Apple Inc.