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What is the "WeekdayCalc"

This is a hybrid type application.

  • FUNCTION1: WeekdayCalc [ Using the Internet ]
  • FUNCTION2: 500 Weeks Calendar [ A native function ]
  • FUNCTION3: 50 Schedules [ A native function ]
  • FUNCTION4: 50 Long-Range Plans [ A native function ]

Using the Internet

  • This app calculates weekdays in our servers.
  • No cookie required
  • No technique run on users' machines such as java, activeX, javascript Required

What's the "Native function"

  • A function running in your iPad.
  • You don't need to connect the internet.

FUNCTION1: WeekdayCalc

By using the "WeekdayCalc", you can calculate the number of weekdays.

RESULT = Days - ( Sundays + Saturdays )

  • The first day is included.
  • The last day is included.

FUNCTION2: 500 Weeks Calendar

One of the perpetual calendars

  • "This Week" is always displayed at the top of the calendar.
  • Always 500 weeks are displayed.

FUNCTION3: 50 Schedules

You can create 50 schedules

  • The schedules which you create are displayed on the 500 Weeks Calendar.

FUNCTION4: 50 Long-Range Plans

You can create 50 plans

  • Setting the first day and the last day of the Long-Range Plan.
  • Adding the same color to the first day and the last day.
  • Coating the plans in three different colors.
  • The plans which you create are displayed on the 500 Weeks Calendar.

Legal Documents


  • To use the FUNCTION 1 of this application, you need to use HTTPS. If our phone lines or our servers are not available, you can not use the FUNCTION 1 of this application. In this case, we pay you no money.


How to get the WeekdayCalc?