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I'm a employee of a company which isn't your user. When I tried to tell our new business with you via your inquiry form, I am able to see our company location in the Address field of your contact form. Why?

The contact form of our official site is a contact form that is built in the "Rainbow-Link", a paid online tool that we develop and sell. We do not have a system such as automatic address inputter and the automatic postal code proposal in the contact form of "Rainbow-Link".

So, we can assure that "automatic address proposal" you saw in our contact form is not due to our contact form. A possible factor is the occurring of a function of 'aids for inputting' in your browser. If you've already set up your address using the accessibility feature of your browser, it's highly likely that it will work. If you do not use the function of 'aids for inputting', but, you are sharing your browser with a sales team of your company, there is a possibility that someone on your team has set it up. Can you check your browser settings once? See the function of 'aids for inputting' or/and "add-ons". In this answer, we will unify in the "function of 'aids for inputting'".

We do not have the "autocomplete" function in the input fields of the Rainbow-Link's Inquiry Form system, but we use the general name of "address" in the Address input field. So, as a result, some of functions of 'aids for inputting' are more likely to automatically enter addresses that the browser user has already set up.

Since we created the Rainbow-Link without using JavaScript at all, we can't obtain your address in the stage where the browser's accessibility feature is entering the address that the user has set up beforehand. Please don't worry.

When you press the "submit button" on our official contact form, your address entered by your browser's function of 'aids for inputting' will be sent to us for the first time. Try opening our contact form in another browser that doesn't have your address. There is no indication in the address field of our contact form.

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( 2018/October/20, 16:32:20, JST )