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How can Twitter Office grab the spoofing apps of this app?

We use the same variable IP address for all our apps for Twitter. So, accounts managed by 4bots leave the same IP address into Twitter's Database during the same duration of the IP address. So, Twitter Office can grab spoofing apps of 4bots by seeing logs of our AutoTweetBot's IP address. Our AutoTweetBot tweets automatically per 1 hour.

We have a LAN named 'Rainbow-Link' to provide our SaaS. The LAN is applied the same fixed IP addresses.

We don't use the IP addresses named 'Rainbow-Link' to provide our Twitter Apps. We use a variable IP address to provide our Twitter Apps because our servers' firewall in our DataCenter which uses the IP addresses named 'Rainbow-Link' blocks API's incoming protocols.

( 2018/April/29, 15:33:56, JST )