RepayCalc for iPhone

What is the RepayCalc?

A simple interest calculator ( A non-compound interest calculator ). You can calculate how much you should pay.

  • No Limitation of Period: Use the Date input method system
  • By the day calculation (365/365 a year | Leap year distinction)
  • First Day Inclusion
  • Choosing Decimal Inclusion or Decimal Non-inclusion
  • Calculating Part Repayment
  • You can convert the result to other currencies.

You can confirm whether you paied correctly or not.

You can calculate the future repayment.

Why the RepayCalc?

This app calculates in our servers.

  • No cookie required
  • No technique run on users' machines such as java, activeX, javascript Required

You can calculate through HTTPS.

  • Nobody recognizes what you calculate.
  • This app is provided through HTTPS, so this app seems to run a little slowly. If this app does not display the next screen immediately, please wait for one or two seconds.

You can save the result of calculation.

  • By tapping the floated cloud "save" button, the result is saved as a photo in your iPad photo album.

About "decimal NON-inclusion"

  • The RepayCalc calculates the days from the "first day" to today.
  • If the days do not reach one year, the RepayCalc distinguishes a leap year and and an average year, and calculates the period by the day.
  • The RepayCalc calculates "year" in a standard. At first the RepayCalc is settled the year from the "first day" to today. Next, the RepayCalc is settled the period that does not reach 1 year. Finally the RepayCalc calculates "the period that does not reach 1 year" by the day.
  • How to Calculate
    • (1) The RepayCalc cuts off decimal fraction when the RepayCalc calculates "year".
    • (2) If the period does not reach one year, the RepayCalc distinguishes a leap year and and an average year. And the RepayCalc calculates the period forming a schedule by year 365 days or 366 a year day.
    • (3) About the part which did a forming a schedule calculation, the RepayCalc cuts off a fraction equal to or less than the first place decimal point after having added capital and interest.

Legal Documents


  • To use this application, you need to use HTTPS. You use the services of this application through our servers. So, if our phone lines or our servers are not available, you can not use this application (your SlideShow, too). In this case, we pay you no money.


How to get the RepayCalc?

Download on the iTunes App Store of Apple Inc. →

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