All About Competitive Analysis | For marketers who consider: "to post it or not to post it, that is question"

CATALOGUE : All About Competitive Analysis | For marketers who consider: "to post it or not to post it, that is question"


Competitive Analysis | For marketers who consider: "to post it or not to post it, that is question"

Competitive Analysis | For marketers who consider: "to post it or not to post it, that is question"

This service is for the purpose of expanding the content of your existing website (homepage). This service is provided for corporations which consider agenda of the "attraction of potential customers".

Specifically, this service finds your competitor's site and compares them by our software. What content does "your competing site have ( but the content isn't on your site )?
We find the content ( elements ) and give a suggestion to implement it in your site.

Companies' names that we can submit as results of this service are names of the companies that have official websites in the Internet. And the websites of the companies must have already been registered in the search engines.

The companies' names that we submit as results of this service are names of websites that are highly valued in the search engines. We can't submit a report of "websites that have real sales".

People to investigate in the search engines information about a product or service are "people haven't yet purchased the products or services" or "people who previously purchased the products or services but weren't satisfied with the products or services".

We think that it's the most efficient way to induce prospects to your website:
- to analyze the websites that are highly valued in the search engine
- to compare to your website
- to supply with elements missing in your website.

‘I have no data yet. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. But the note itself. What do you deduce from it?’
By Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes

We can assist to you to display better at search engine result. We can correspond a Multi-lingual Site, a site that has many sub domains.

☞ Before using us, please check your apache ( or apache-like ) access log by yourself. And understand what words are popular in your site.

Use our free SEO tool: KeyWords Survey Tool of the Rainbow-Link

And download the result as a CSV file.

☞ We can do for you

(0) Please send a CSV file of the result of the "KeyWords Survey Tool of the Rainbow-Link" to us as your e-mail body.
(1) Page Content Consulting
 - keywords
 - html
 - images
 - CSS
 - javascript
 - hyperlinks ( This service's checked log on your apache-access-log: "Link Checked, by RainbowLink Inc." )
 - itemscope
(2) Link Building by checking your competitor's backlinks
(3) Modifying ( tuning ) Apache Web Server and BIND DNS Server
 - gzip and deflete
 - cache
- BIND and resolv, any DNS modules in the LAN
(4) Creating or modifying your account on Search Engines

In (1), we might rewrite html/xhtml source and CSS, but we don't rewrite your page ( Rewriting is your business after our consulting. Because we know about your products less than you. We think a person who sells a product is the best writer/SEOworker in the world. We think that the article you wrote is the strongest tool to get high rank at search engines because of originality and profundity. "Unique Article" is the strongest in SEO-world even if the grammar and the spelling are a little wrong. Of course, your article mustn't have wrong parts as much as articles that SEO-robots create automatically have. Using automated-writing robot is already an old-fashioned technique. We don't use the robots. Using the robots is recognized as a black hat technique by the search engines now). We think the best way of SEO doesn't increase sales. We give priority to the method that is suited to sales. And we check all likes at your site. In this case, our link checking robot writes the text "Link Checked, by RainbowLink Inc." as an user-agent in your site-access-log.

:: You can do CSS & Javascript tuning by yourself ::

- GtMetrix
- Google PageSpeed Insights
You can modify your site by yourself by using the result of Google PageSpeed Insights. You can download "Auto-Modified" CSS, javcascript, images at the result page.
In our service, we use the result in order to compare google-work with our work. And we ask you if you use the google-work partially, and we decide what code to take. ( Our work will be different from Google-work at "taking first view" ).

:: You can do some part of WordPress Sites's meta-tag tuning by yourself ::

SEO for WordPress site [Part 1] - SEO for Posts-Articles -

SEO for WordPress site [Part 2] - SEO for Pages -

SEO for WordPress site [Part 3] - SEO for Titles -

:: You can check your pages' structured-data by yourself ::

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

In (2), you don't have to do anything. We choose link-sites for you by software and we make the link from the sites to your site by hand. If the sites are too strong, in other words, when the sites make your site display lower (11-) at search-result, we'll delete the posted links. And we choose new sites better and make the link from them. Of course, we report to you by sending a mail one by one when we make a link / delete a link.

In (3), we modify the settings of your apache web server(s) and bind DNS server(s). We do this only in the case the third party organization should do it and if you want to make us do it. We don't do (3) on the basis as our original analysis result.

:: You can do Apache Web Server tuning by yourself ::

- Mozilla Observatory
You can modify your site by yourself by using the result of Mozilla Observatory.

☞ Attention
✓ We can't resuscitate the purged site and we can't do SEO for the site where was imposed the penalty by Search Engines once ( we can work for the site, but we can't guarantee the result of our work as a usual site.
✓ If you are a Software Vendor, IT firm, we can't work for you. ( Because we are a software vendor ). If you are a Design Firm, you can use us ( Because we don't sell any designing service ).


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2 / May, 2016 RainbowLink Inc. updated the price of the "Competitive Analysis".

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