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Rainbow-Link ®

Sales and Marketing Automation Software. ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning Package ).

You can use all function of the "Rainbow-Link" via the internet. When you login the "Rainbow-Link Control Panel ®", the all functions of the "Rainbow-Link ®" appears as menu-buttons. ▼

Rainbow-Link ®

You can use all functions of the "Rainbow-Link ®" by running the step-by-step-system that is called "Rainbow-Link Control Panel ®". By one clicking, one step is appeared on your browser-window.

Rainbow-Link ®

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18 / May, 2017 RainbowLink Inc. add a new function ( a column of message per item ) to the "ONLINE-CATALOGUE" of the "Rainbow-Link".


12 / May, 2017 RainbowLink Inc. fixed the bug of description-tag of "ONLINE-CATALOGUE" of the "Rainbow-Link".


After adding div/p tag, the auto-creating function of description ( one of the meta-tags ) wasn't displayed correctly.

8 / May, 2017 RainbowLink Inc. added a new function to the "ONLINE-CATALOGUE" of the "Rainbow-Link". That's an "auto-inserting hreflang-tag" function.


::hreflang tag is automatically inserted by adding lang-tag to the item-no::

In the case of using your Online-Catalogue as a multilingual catalog, the default language is set as English. So, if you'd like to display the item page on your catalogue in Japanese, add "ja" to its item-no.
For example, the Japanese version of the item which has item-no "RL16" is "RL16ja".
The list of lang-tags is displayed at Use the part of "Subtag".

17 / Apr, 2017 RainbowLink inc. added the div-tag & p-tag function to the page of link-tag/video-tag_etc creating tool of the "Rainbow-Link".


24 / Feb, 2017 RainbowLink Inc. changed the default-directory's name of the "RLINKER" from /AD/ to /SlideShow/.

time / place RLINKER®

The reason is that the name of "AD" sometimes causes a misunderstanding as 3rd parties ads by some security software.

10 / Dec, 2016 RainbowLink Inc. changed "Online-BusinessNoteBook" of the "Rainbow-Link". The "order by" button which had been displayed on the result page of "Search and ListUp" is displayed on the top page of the "Online-BusinessNoteBook".

time / place Online-Business-NoteBook

12 / Sep, 2016 RainbowLink Inc. changed a way to display page-lang of the "ONLINE-CATALOGUE" of the "Rainbow-Link", in order to do SEO.


Till today, the "ONLINE-CATALOGUE" accepted the lang-settings of visitors, but from today, the "ONLINE-CATALOGUE" displays catalogue-pages by server-side lang-setting above user's browser-settings.

1 / Sep, 2016 RainbowLink Inc. added a new function to the "ONLINE-CATALOGUE" of the "Rainbow-Link". That's an "Auto-Adding-Twitter-Card" function.

Add your Twitter Screen-Name and Twitter Cover-Image at your "Rainbow-Link Control Panel". Then, your "Rainbow-Link" adds twitter cards automatically.

29 / Aug, 2016 RainbowLink Inc. is going to change the "ONLINE-CATALOGUE" of the "Rainbow-Link" which is a catalogue as plain-OR-SSL to a catalogue as plain-AND-SSL. This task will finish within 2 weeks.

time / place Aug 29, 9:00 - Sep 9, 24:00 

During this task, and jp.Rainbow-Link won't display pages correctly.

15 / Aug, 2016 The data-error had occured for 0: 00 - 13:30 in "Currency Converter" funciton of the Online-Catalogue.

So, you can't use the shopping cart of the Rainbow-Link.

We are very sorry.

We use an old data by the auto-function in this case. Today, the auto-function didn't run. We are going to trace the cause of it, and We'll never do it again.


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