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Social Pages of the Rainbow-Link ®

Add the tabpages on your "facebook" and "Google Sites", and induce accesses to your official site.
You can add pages in your "facebook" and "Google Sites" at the same time.

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show Before buying. I don't want to display my facebook page under constructions. What should I do? (Or can you set anyething so that it isn't displayed?)

show About the "SocialPages of the Rainbow-Link". I'd like to read the Terms of the "SocialPages of the Rainbow-Link".


22 / Aug, 2015 RainbowLink Inc. changed some specifications of the "SocialPages of the Rainbow-Link". The biggest change: RL abolished the response to the "Non-Secure-Browsing".

time / place SocialPages of the Rainbow-Link

- Abolished the response to the "Non-Secure-Browsing".

- Added an option to the campaign-tab-page.
Instead of the campaign by the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link", you can incorporate your own campaign.


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