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Ticket of the Rainbow-Link ®

The "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" is an online Ticket publishing and management software.

You can manage your tickets and list via the internet.

If you are a user of the "SocialPages of the Rainbow-Link", you can publish a ticket to "facebook" and "Google Sites", and by using a ticket, you can hold a campaign.

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show About "AccessLog". The columns of "AccessLog" are sometimes filled but sometimes they are not filled. Why?

show By using a screenshot of our homepage, I want to create a background image of our new ticket. What's a "screenshot"? What should I do to take a "screenshot"?

show How to change to the Countdown-style number of sheets-limited tickets

show How to change from the Countdown-style number of sheets-limited tickets to the other style of tickets

show About the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link". I'd like to read the Terms of the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link".


17 / Jan, 2014 RainbowLink Inc. set the timezone to the "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link" GENERALLY.

time / place "Ticket of the Rainbow-Link"

Till today, users had been able to select whether they had added the timezone to their tickets one by one.
But from today, users can't select that.


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