CATALOGUE : All About RepayCalc



A simple interest calculator ( A non-compound interest calculator ).

You can calculate how much you should pay.
- No Limitation of Period: Use the Date input method system
- By the day calculation (365/366 a year | Leap year distinction)
- First day inclusion
- Choosing Decimal inclusion or Decimal non-inclusion

With upgrading iOS6, this application became a paid app.

for iPhone for iPad


show After calculating, I want to convert the sum of money to another currency. What should I do?


10 / Mar, 2017 RainbowLink Inc. stop selling "RLINKER for iOS" & "RLINKER for iPad (PRO)".

We are going to continue providing service for existing users.

15 / Aug, 2016 The data-error had occured for 0: 00 - 13:30 in "Currency Converter" funciton of the "RepayCalc".

We are very sorry.

We use an old data by the auto-function in this case. Today, the auto-function didn't run. We are going to trace the cause of it, and We'll never do it again.