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This Data Management function is a function of a Sales & Marketing Automation Software, the "Rainbow-Link".

The screenshot of the Online-Business-NoteBook

  •  a screenshot of Rainbow-Link Control Panel

Why the Online-Business-NoteBook

When you open the Online-Business-NoteBook, the system of Online-Business-NoteBook sets the date and time automatically. ( SEE the screenshot above ).

  • You can change the "time and date" by a pulldown menu.
  • You can set up a default-time and date suitable on the Info-Box that is displayed on the right of the Online-Business-NoteBook automatically.

When you input any infromation, the Online-Business-NoteBook arranges it by "month and year" and stores it automatically.

  • a screenshot of Rainbow-Link Control Panel

You can see informations you inputted by selecting "month and year" or "day and month and year". Informations are ordered by date.

  • You can delete informations one by one.
  • You can lock double your account ( = "Two Factor Authentication" ). If you use this "Double Lock" system, the KeyName is displayed as a writer of the information in column of "INPUT".
    • Format [ Who write the information ]
      • Using "Double Lock" : by KeyName ( hostname )
      • Not using "Double Lock" : by hostname
    • a screenshot of Rainbow-Link Control Panel

Interlocking to the "ONLINE-CATALOGUE"

  • When your "Rainbow-Link"-users presses the order button on the "ONLINE-CATALOGUE", the information indicating that the order has been confirmed is written automatically. The writer's column of your "Online-Business-Notebook", it is displayed as "".

About managing and storing images, videos

If you plan to upload images and videos,

  • you can choose your company's server or free cloud servers and upload them. You can post them as hyperlinks or inlineflame-image or inlineflame-videos to your Notebook. The same creating-tag-system is built in our free online tool: the "HTML5 Content Maker of the Rainbow-Link". Try it.
  • And you can manage them by the image management tool of this software. ( → SEE RLINKER)

You can create templates and use them

  • print-optimization
    • You can print information one by one.
    • You can print informations as a list.

You can set up "Default Date and Time" as you like.


  • SSL of 2048-bit
  • No upper limit to stored quantity
  • No technique run on users' machines such as java, activeX, javascript Required
  • No Cookie Required

About Image Files (Picture Files)

The Online-Business-NoteBook is a set of online data management tool with the unlimited server space, but, you can not upload "image files" to the servers of the Online-Business-NoteBook directly.

  • Because images files have complicated right relations in many cases (eg; a right of likeness or a copyright). Depending on a case, the action in itself of your uploading image files to a server" becomes the problem. You can not upload "image files" to the Online-Business-NoteBook directly, so, you do not need to sumit your Online-Business-NoteBook if the "right processing about the image" become the problem.
  • You can store image files as hyperlinks. ( If you upload image files to a web server). And you can manage them by the image management tool of this software. ( → SEE RLINKER )
  • If you upload image files via a web browser, by yourself, you need choose which server you store the files.

Listing Up and Search

See the screen shot above.

The Online-Business-NoteBook, an data management function of the "Rainbow-Link" ( Sales & Marketing Automation Software )

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