What's New

- Timezone: JST ( Japanese Time ) -

4 / May, 2021 President of RainbowLink Inc. has rewrited the program for its LAN. So, during this rewriting-work, the RainbowLink Inc Official Site wasn't displayed correctly.

time / place 0:00 - 24:00 (JST) DataCenter RainbowLink Inc. owns and manages.

The bug fix problem of the voltage power supply centralized management script in our data center that I wrote was completed, and now I've tested the fixed script. Most of pages on our official sites are pages of October 2020 before the bug-script was introduced (although some pages after October 2020 also included), after the test, I'll replace it to the LAN of April 12th, then, our official sites will revive the content of April 12th. I will inform you on Twitter when our sites are revived. Please wait for a while.