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According to "What is Twitter?", please read the websites below.

In this article, RainbowLink Inc. is going to announce the summary of its service of "Twitter Marketing".

"we" "us" "our" in this article means RainbowLink Inc..

【Goal of the service】 Induction accesses to your website & Appearance on Twitter Timeline efficiently.

Induction accesses from your Twitter Offical Account to your webpage at your official website

"Your webpage at your official website" means a toppage of your official website or a specific page at your official website.

Appearance on Twitter Timeline efficiently

By managing your twitter official account ongoing and "on time", our service impresses that everybody can use your twitter official twitter account as an emergency contact entrance and informs prospects that your service / products.

【Means to reach the goal】we shall reach the goal above by providing the 2 services below to you.

"Service to send Lists of tweets by others related to the content of your past tweets)"

"Twitter Account Management Service"

【Format of a tweet】

tweet + URL of a webpage at your official website + hashtag

  • tweet: your text that you post to your twitter official account
  • hashtag: the text you'd like to be found when anybody search at twitter search, the text is added # top of the text.


  • example of a tweet

We suggest "tweet" and "hashtag" to you by our "Service to send Lists of tweets by others related to the content of your past tweets".

【A webpage which you'd like to inducte access from your tweet】 A specific page at your official website

For your tweet in order to manage your twitter official account constantly, the specific page is the info-page of any service / product.

Make a hyperlink from the specific page to your Twitter Official Account.

Your Official Twitter Account URL: http://twitter.com/YourUsername

<a href="http://twitter.com/username">Twitter</a>

You can create the hyperlink button tag at twitter official site.

As the hyperlink to your twitter official account from your official website, you can use a URL of a specific tweet. That is known as the link-button of "Tweet this article". You can grub this link button via your CMS ( if you use any CMS ).

As a campaign, what you can do on the webpage at your official website

We can suggest what you do by analyzing your competitors, if you use our Competitive Analysis.

We are going to introduce how to mesure the number of accesses from your tweet to your specific webpage at your official website.


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