Currency Converter of the Rainbow-Link®

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What is the "Currency Converter of the Rainbow-Link"

Data is provided by

Currencies that are listed in data of, ONLY.

This tool calculates decimal.

Available Currencies

  • Algerian Dinar, Argentine Peso, Australian Dollar, Bahrain Dinar, Bolivar Fuerte, Botswana Pula, Brazilian Real, Brunei Dollar, Bulgarian Leva, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, Chinese Yuan, Colombian Peso, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, EURO, Hungarian Forint, Iceland Krona, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Iranian Rial, Israeli Shekel, Kazakhstani Tenge, Kuwaiti Dinar, Malaysian Ringgit, Mauritian Rupee, Mexican Peso, Nepalese Rupee, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Pakistani Rupee, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Peso Uruguayo, Philippine Peso, Polish Zloty, Qatari Rial, Russian Ruble, Saudi Riyal, Singapore Dollar, South-African Rand, South-Korean Won, Sri Lanka Rupee, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Thai Baht, Trinidad And Tobago Dollar, Tunisian Dinar, UK Pound, United States Dollar, Utd.Arab.Emir.Dirham, YEN(円).

Update frequency of the IMF's currency exchange data

  • The "Rainbow-Link" updates the source file per day once.
  • The Updating is run automatically by the automatic program created by RainbowLink Inc..
  • Until the program can get the update file of that day, the program will check automatically the update once an hour from 0:00.

The "Currency Converter of the Rainbow-Link" displays 2 types of date and 1 attention text.

Because doesn't provide all data of currencies stably. Please use (1)or(2) if you trade with others.

  • (1) DATE: The latest data provided by
  • (2) DATE: The previous data provided by
  • (3) DATE: The old data provided by

Why the Currency Converter?

This app calculates in our servers.

  • No cookie required
  • No technique run on users' machines such as java, activeX, javascript Required

You can calculate through HTTPS.

Nobody recognizes what you calculate.

This app is provided through HTTPS, so this app seems to run a little slowly.

  • If this app does not display the next screen immediately, please wait for one or two seconds.

You can save the result as a photo in your iPad photo album.

Touch the floated cloud "start" button softly, then the "save" botton appears.

  • If you tap the "save button", the result is automatically saved in your iPad photo album which ison is a sunflower.

Legal Documents


  • To use this application, you need to use HTTPS. You use the services of this application through our servers. So, if our phone lines or our servers are not available, you can not use this application. In this case, we pay you no money.


How to get the Currency Converter?

Download on the iTunes App Store of Apple Inc.