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Relationship between "4Bots" and Twitter Automation Rules.

- Twitter Automation rules

At this page, we'll answer 'Updated November 3, 2017' version of the Twitter Automation rules.

> A. Automated Actions Through Another User’s Account
> Twitter users may authorize your app or service to access their Twitter account through OAuth. A user authorizing your app or service to access their Twitter account through OAuth does not by itself constitute sufficient consent to take automated actions through that user’s account.
> You may only take automated actions through another Twitter user’s account if you:
> clearly describe to the user the types of automated actions that will occur;

See the OverView of this service.
- OverView's URL is below:

> receive express consent from the user to take those automated actions;

In order to use this service, our users HAVE TO do by themselves below:

(1) Users have to run the sign up form of this service.
- See the URL below:

(2) Users have to pay for this service.
- See the URL below:

We don't provide the 'easy-setup button' to users/potential users.

> immediately honor a user’s request to opt-out of further automated actions.

Users can opt-out this service by deleting this app or by changing their Consumer Key (API Key) & Consumer Secret (API Secret) & Access Token & Access Token Secret.

We won't add any further automated actions to this service because this service name is '4Bots'. This service can't become '5Bots'.

> If you substantially change the purpose or functionality of your app or service, you must re-obtain express consent from the user to take automated action through their account before doing so.

We can send a notification-email to users because we 'sell' this service to users.

> These requirements apply to any automated action taken through another Twitter user’s account, including posting Tweets, sending Direct Messages, deleting Tweets or Direct Messages, or following/unfollowing other accounts. For applications that offer users the ability to delete Tweets in a bulk or automated manner, you must also clearly state that Tweets are not recoverable once deleted.

'4Bots' don't post tweet/retweet/Direct Messages. 4Bots never delete users' tweet/retweet/Direct Messages.
'4Bots' follow-back & unfollow-back automatically, but, users can follow and unfollow again at their official account at Twitter.com.

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